Paris, November 3, 2021 – ComuniCare is officially approved by the French Ministry of Social Affairs and Health as a solution that complies with the specifications of the Telemedicine Experimentation Program for the Improvement of Health Care Pathways (ETAPES). This program was set up by the French health authorities in order to experiment and evaluate remote monitoring of various pathologies.

The ETAPES program encourages and financially supports the deployment of remote monitoring projects throughout France. Remote monitoring requires several categories of professionals to coordinate around the patient to perform a medical act, provide a technical solution or ensure therapeutic support. The organization of these practices requires time for appropriation and deployment, which justifies the use of experiments. At present, the experiments concern five pathologies: heart failure, renal failure, respiratory failure, diabetes, and implantable cardiac prostheses. Each type of experimentation is based on national specifications.

ComuniCare has been approved for 3 pathologies: heart failure, respiratory failure and diabetes. This certification is an important step in the strategy to gain access to reimbursement for our therapeutic support solutions for patients in Europe.

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