COMUNICARE has been chosen as the mobile application and platform of the ONCOCARE project’s PROM action.

Oncocare Project is an Interreg project that aims at improving oncological care in the Euregio Meuse-Rhine. This project involves the University Hospital of Liège, the University Hospital of the Aachen, and the Maastricht University Medical Center.

A major topic of Oncocare focuses on innovation and the strengthening of patient-centered medicine. This axis aims at implementing tools for improving evidence-based yet personalized decision making, incorporating patient-reported outcome measurements, and bringing the hospital to the patients’ homes.

This area aims to implement tools to improve evidence-based but personalised decision making, incorporate measures of patient-reported outcomes and bring the hospital into the home.

The quality of care assessment therefore includes “Patient-Reported Outcome Measurement” (PROM), a direct measure of added value for the patient rarely evaluated in clinical practice.

The aim of Comunicare is to collect results reported by patients in a standardized and validated way with an automatic transfer to the electronic patient record. A study of the impact of therapeutic decisions on PROM in 2 selected representative malignant tumors will be conducted to analyze their potential advantages and disadvantages as experienced by the patient.